Let the fun begin!

At the MANA Board meeting (held at Abby Kinne’s home near Columbus, Ohio) we had a book signing night with the four contributing authors who were present. One of our board members, Adrian Feldhusen, prepared some chocolate covered strawberries that were both gorgeous and luscious, and we drank Champagne and other adult beverages. It was so exciting for each of us to finally have the book in our hands, and to let the knowledge sink in that we are published authors!

Linda McHale, Jennie Joseph, Abby Kinne and I were seated near the windows, at dusk, overlooking the lovely lake. Other members of the MANA Board, and our administrative staff person, Tina Williams, sat at our feet and beseeched us to sign their books.  It was a fun event for us—I was thrilled—and we were so entertained to see the women eagerly waiting for each of us to sign their books. It appears as though people really like the book—but then, in this crowd, we are preaching to the choir!

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