Into These Hands, Wisdom from Midwives


Into These Hands, Wisdom From Midwives is a comprehensive anthology of the life stories of 25 remarkable women, who have dedicated their lives and careers to the path of social change through midwifery. When the book was published in 2011, all of these exemplary midwives were more than 50 years of age with 25 to 40 years in the field. Collectively, they had more than 800 years of experience and has assisted in more than 35,000 births.

The book gives readers the opportunity to sit at the feet of some of the best-known and best-loved midwives in the U.S. to hear their personal stories and wisdom. Their stories are different than what people normally hear about pregnancy and childbirth. Previously, these stories were only told in small circles. This book brings to life the accumulated knowledge midwives carry with them.

These stories offer an alternative, informed viewpoint to the industrialized, over-medicalized maternity care system in the U.S. These memoirs cross lines of class, race, religion, age, geography, lifestyle, credentials and practice styles. Stories are shared about revolution, health, spirit, social change, health care reform, politics, courage, resistance, resilience, and women’s wisdom about women’s mysteries. The authors have been instrumental in shaping the course of modern midwifery and reshaping maternity care in our nation.

Into These Hands, Wisdom from Midwives convincingly illustrates why maternal and child healthcare needs to be built on love, respect, justice, autonomy and the biological imperative of compassion.

Read more about Into These Hands in author Geradine’s Simkins blog.

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