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Several years ago I sent every midwifery school in the U.S. a copy of my book, Into These Hands, Wisdom From Midwives. Since that time it has become required reading in many midwifery schools.

RK9_4719-2.Marinah4As the 2020-2021 school year approaches, I am once again inviting U.S. midwifery educators to consider using the text in their classes, particularly in the areas of professional development or the contemporary midwife’s role in the U.S. maternity care system.

What midwifery program directors are saying

“My students love Into These Hands. I use this book in the ‘Professional Issues’ course.  It lends enrichment to the course that cannot be found elsewhere. I also invite Geradine to present a webinar each year. My students consider the midwives in Into These Hands as wise and trustworthy elders, and they find inspiration and courage from their stories, experiences and advice.”

–Sherry DeVries, CPM, LM, CNM, MSN, Midwife Program Coordinator and Lead Instructor, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, Fennimore, Wisconsin

mail“Into These Hands is used as the text for our first module, ‘Foundations of Contemporary Midwifery’ for our new class of students entering Nizhoni Institute. As you know, we feel this book is both inspired and inspiring.”

–Marla Hicks, RN-BC, CPM, LM, Executive Director/Program Manager, Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery, San Diego, California

Into These Hands provides student midwives with an important connection to understanding the recent history of the profession they are entering. The voices of the contributing midwives are a circle of elders passing on their wisdom in the storytelling tradition of women and midwifery. In the ever-changing world of health care, it is essential for us not to lose our roots. Thank you, Geradine, for giving future midwives a solid foundation in the roots of the passion and wisdom of our profession.”

–Sarita Bennett, DO, CPM, Director, Academy of Experiential Midwifery Education (AEME), Charlottesville, Virginia

61036_473566342743_168991267743_7179205_7963172_n“I am using Into These Hands as one of the required readings for Orientation this year for new Birthwise students. This book is so perfect for contextualizing the path our students are embarking upon.”

–Heidi Fillmore, CPM, NHCM, Director, Birthwise Midwifery School, Bridgton, Maine 

“I use Into These Hands for my new students. I ask them to read selected chapters and answer key questions, such as: 1) How did the assigned chapters change your pre-conceived definition of being a midwife?, 2) What about these chapters validates or supports your personal vision of midwifery? and, 3) How would you compare information from other standard midwifery texts that are required reading and the assigned chapters from “Into These Hands”? My students love the stories!”

–Jennifer West, LM, CPM, Preceptor, National College of Midwifery, Taos, New Mexico

2020-2021 School Year Special:

FREE case of Into These Hands books for midwifery educators

As the new school year approaches, I am once again inviting U.S. midwifery educators to consider using the text in their classes, particularly in the areas of professional development or the contemporary midwife’s role in the U.S. maternity care system.

We know quantitative data is vitally important; but stories are what impact people’s hearts and minds. Alice hands.jpgTruly, stories are what change a society. My goal is to get the extraordinary memoirs of these 25 remarkable and diverse midwives into the hands of students who need to hear real life stories of the lived experience of being a midwife. IMG_5638Collectively these midwives have over more than 800 years of experience and have assisted in 35,000 births. Their stories are fascinating, compelling, and inspiring.

Request your free books now!

Here is all you have to do.

Send a check or certified money order for $25.00 (for shipping/handling) to: Geradine Simkins, 275 Cemetery Rd, Maple City, MI. Include your name and shipping address, your position at your midwifery school, and your email address so that I can let you know when the case has shipped. I will send the books within 5 business days.

That’s it—very simple! I hope you take me up on my free offer. And keep up the good work of educating the future midwives of the USA!


4 thoughts on “For Educators

  1. Good afternoon Geradine,

    We are a new midwifery school called Heritage School of Midwifery and Natural Health Sciences, starting September 01, 2017. A fellow midwife of ours stated she received a free case of books from you, and that if we reached out to you that we could receive a case of free books for our new students.
    Before we send the $24.00 for shipping, we wanted to make sure this was still an option as the website states the 2015-2016 school year.
    If this is still available, we would love to have a case of books by August 25th, 2017, and will be more than happy to send a check today!

    Please feel free to contact us at 941-423-4376, or Kristin directly at 941-441-6410

    Thank you,

    Sarah Gardner, Office Manager for Kristin Schuchmann, CPM, LM

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