Showing Off My Baby

Editor, Geradine Simkins & contributing author, Abby Kinne

Right after we received my book from the printer’s I left for Ohio and the MANA Board of Directors meeting. What I really wanted to do—after four years of writing, editing, revising and production—was to sit on the couch and read the whole thing through, cover to cover. But that was not possible.

Three of my contributing authors were present at the Board

Geradine Simkins, editor & contributing author, Jennie Joseph

meeting—Abby Kinne (Ohio), Jennie Joseph (Florida) and Linda McHale (New Jersey). They were the first authors who got to see the book in print, and believe me, they were excited as could be. They had not seen their memoirs since they signed off on their final revisions, about one and a half years ago. It was an exciting moment for all of us. And of course, they never saw them in context of the entire anthology.

Contributing author, Linda McHale, & editor, Geradine Simkins

There were tears, laughter and gratitude all mixed together. This is more fun than I could have imagined- to finally be sharing my book with the contributing authors. It was totally worth the wait.

Photographer, Tina Williams

Also on hand was Tina Williams, who is the administrate assistant for MANA, and who also happens to be a brilliant photographer. Five of the author’s photos in my book were taken by Tina.

8 thoughts on “Showing Off My Baby

  1. Received my copy!! Reading it with tears in my eyes. So nice to get to know you all better. What amazing stories, what rich, diverse midwifery history. Thank you, Gera, for this epoch in my life; for this remarkable moment for midwifery, midwives and mothers everywhere.

    Such a beautiful, beautiful book to actually hold, and I can hug you all now through it to my heart.

    It’s bigger than I thought it would be (one of my first thoughts!). How cool. The after glow of this astounding accomplishment should linger for you, Gera, for a very, very long time. Hey, have an anniversary party (or “birth” day publishing party) every year!

    We’ll be toasting to you around the big table tonight!

    1. So happy you are happy Casey. It is with great satisfaction that I am reading the comments from the contributing authors, who are overwhelmingly pleased with the book, and typically, are speaking in superlatives when they describe their reactions to it. How gratifying! Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution to Into These Hands.

      Try to make it to the book presentation and book signing event in Lansing the evening of May 6th, for the Michigan Midwives Assoc. gathering!

      Blessings, gera

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