Welcome Back!

Welcome (back) to my blog! One of the many hats I proudly wear is that of writer, and I love to explore new topics and share new information regularly. In each and every blog post, I strive to make evident my curiosity, authenticity, and deep passion for the subject matter at hand. While mostly my blog is about all things birth and midwifery-related, I cannot promise not to share about my travels, beloved family, and treasured friends. I care so much about so much! I love this life, and I am grateful for the journey.

I took a bit of time off from writing blog posts to write A NEW BOOK! It’s called The Midwife Matrix, and I am extraordinarily excited that it has finally come to life. I promise to share all of the news of its inception and creation in the days and weeks to come. Meantime, you can read a bit about my new book here!

If you would like to contact me, please do so! I always love to hear from you and encourage you to share your ideas.

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