New Life, New Family

Vanessa, Sam & Lyla Simkins

This year my nephew Sam (whom I caught when he was born) married his love, Vanessa, and they gave my brother & sister-in-law their first grand baby, and my mother her first great grand baby.

Her name is Lyla, and she was born at home with midwives, as was her daddy and most of his siblings. I caught a few of them.

My mother, Margaret already has a flock of fabulous grand kids, but she was thrilled to be adding the next generation to her tribe. She was especially jazzed to be in Detroit (from her home in Arizona) just when Lyla was born. Most of her grand babies (including my three kids) have been born at home with midwives, and Grandma Margaret has been present for many of their births. What a blessing for the babies, the parents and for grandma.

Grandmother Margaret and her batch of grand babies

Along with Lyla we received a new bunch of relatives this year. All of Vanessa’s people are from Macedonia so it was interesting to see how the Irish and the Macedonians mingled. As it turns out we had a wonderful, wild and memorable time together with multiple parties, venues and events.

So, even though the extended family looks rather serious in the photo below-it is a cover for what turned out to be a rather robust and spirited gathering together. Weddings and new babies are the best!

The merged tribes at the day-after party at Camp Simkins

One thought on “New Life, New Family

  1. You mentioned that your instructor was from columbia ,South America we are planning on moving there in a couple of months and our little one is due in september.And we wondered if you knew of any midwifes close to the capital.Thanx Austin

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