Into These Hands is an Inspiration for Future Midwives

While I was at the ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) Conference in St. Louis last weekend I had the opportunity to talk to several women who are hoping to become midwives. One is Sherry Payne, whom I have known for a long time, and another is Valerie Schuster, whom I just met. Sherry is an obstetrical nurse, breastfeeding educator, trained doula, certified childbirth educator, and mother of nine! She has been on a path to becoming a midwife for as long as I have known her, and in the fall of 2011, she intends to begin her schooling.

Valerie Schuster, of West Palm Beach, Florida, is a birth and postpartum doula.  She has a desire to become a midwife some day, and that feeling is growing stronger and stronger the more she works with mothers, babies and families.  I encouraged her to hold that intention in her heart and see herself in that position.  We agreed that next year at the ICAN conference, we’ll check in with each other and see what has transpired for each of us—her dream to become a midwife, and my path as the editor of a newly published book about the life-stories of midwives.

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