The Conception of Into These Hands, Wisdom From Midwives

February 2, 2011

On New Year’s Day of 2007 I woke up from the dream world and asked myself the same question I ask at each New Year: What is it that I am to do with my life this year? Without even a moment’s hesitation the voice from the Spirit realm said quite loudly: You are going to write a book! It was a clear, definitive and convincing directive. In fact, it left no room for debate.

Like many good storytellers in my tradition, I have been meaning to write a book for several decades. In fact, I have numerous outlines for books I would like to write that I keep in my file cabinet. But I have a very busy fast-paced life and I just never got around to writing them. I use my writing skills in so many other areas of my professional life that I always seem to be out of words, or out of time, when it comes to writing my own stuff.

So, with the decree from the Universe that I was to write a book, I had only to pick one of my many concepts. The word conception is actually defined as “a concept” and it refers to that which precedes creating something. Conception is what takes place at the very beginning, the imagining of an idea, the act of calling it forth, and the initial spark that ignites it into being. So that is how my book was conceived—by a directive from the Spirit World, as I lay under a down comforter, surrounded by a blanket of snow in the wintery season of solitude, in the great north woods. A brilliant, urging, insistent spark of an idea was kindled.

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