Into These Hands is destined to be a classic!

My new book will be published in the Spring of 2011 by Spirituality and Health Books. What is it about?

It is a comprehensive anthology of the life stories of 25 remarkable women who have dedicated their lives and careers to the path of midwifery and social change. Each author has contributed significantly to modern childbirth reform and shaping maternity healthcare in America. Each midwife shares a lifetime of accumulated wisdom about what really matters to women of childbearing age.

This wisdom has been gathered in over 800 years of working with mothers, newborns and families while assisting in over 35,000 births. The authors are among the best-known and best-loved midwives in America.

The stories deliver a compelling historical perspective on the culture of childbirth in America, insight into what really matters to women, wisdom about how to properly welcome newborns into their families, inspiration about how to courageously take charge of one’s life, and clear guidance for reforming our maternity care system.

Pre-order this exciting anthology very soon at this website.

One thought on “Into These Hands is destined to be a classic!

  1. What an amazing project! Your insight for such a work and passionate determination to nurture it and see it accomplished is truly remarkable; a “labor” of love that warms the heart. I am very awed by and proud of you for it.

    “Into These Hands, Wisdom from Midwives” is a book which will surely have a profound and positive effect on the important issues surrounding a women’s right to birth, and Midwifery as a sacred guardianship, for a long, long time.

    On behalf of women, babies and Midwives everywhere in our time – and those who will follow in the future beyond us, thank you so very much for gathering and preserving this inspiring herstory, this treasury of birth-work, this tribute to women’s liberty and honor to birth sanctity.

    Your sister in spirit;

    Casey Makela, CTM
    Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery

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